Are Clothing Stores Going the Way of Records/CD’s …Books?

This video makes the on-line shopping experience for clothes seem pretty close to the real thing. It’s a 2D experience that shows you how you would look with your new Purse(put in product here) and it really does work well.  I suspect it will get even better and better as technology moves us there.  Me myself, I really like shopping in the real stores,  trying on clothes, watching what others are buying in person, talking to the sales person and having fun “shopping” in “Brick and Mortars”. 

But I am also someone who said I wouldn’t read a book on my iPad, that I really needed to feel and touch a book. But after going on a trip to Seattle this past week.  I found it very convenient to read 2 of the 3 books that I downloaded to the kindle APP and read on my iPad.  Not only was it convenient, but it gave my carry on a few less pounds to carry. AndI didnt need to remember which books to bring-they were all on the iPad already-All in one place! So, in regards to books, unless I’m reading at the Beach, I’m now an offical electronic Book Convert.  My house will love this! So much less clutter.  What do you think of shopping for Clothes, Books, CD’s etc on-line and not in person now and in the future?

Video courtesy of and their Kinect Shop.


Author: Scott Mackenzie

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2 thoughts on “Are Clothing Stores Going the Way of Records/CD’s …Books?”

  1. No! Please don’t fall into the electronic vortex! Sure, we all have an iPod or an iPad (I have both) and we put music on there, but can’t we buy CDs, I sure do! I got a free kindle through a contact of mine but I only use it when travelling as a read A LOT when travelling so it would be worth the purchase but otherwise I read the proper book. Don’t do it!

    I think shopping online can be used in moderation and for certain products. I buy iPad screen protectors, or perhaps one or two CDs every so often but not all the time. I might buy a gift off of there if it’s really cheap but otherwise not much, I mainly use it to browse. We have to stop becoming so lazy as a society!


    1. Oh, I do agree. The hardest thing for me is living out on Oahu, there just arn’t any CD stores here anymore. Tower closed, Borders was second best and now it is almost gone, Barnes and Noble is way over priced and seems to cater to older “tastes” in music-not s so much older people, their selection just is pretty old fashioned, and Walmart only has whatever they can sell the most of-mostly the top 10 hits, I love to shop for real CD’s and hang out at the “record” store. I just dont have any where I live. It was very refreshing to see two music stores while I was in Seattle this past weekend.

      I also like to pay in cash, thus I would rather have real things and shop in real stores. Even when I buy off of iTunes, I buy an I tunes card from the grocery store, otherwise I would have a $10,000 credit card bill-it’s so easy to get carried away on there! Thanks for the support, I’ll be with you as long as I can. Although, just like you, it was pretty fun and easy to take my books with me on the airplane using just the iPad. But it still does feel a little strange not touching the real book. Feels like I dont remember as much of what I read and the screen kept getting dusty on the plane. But sure was convenient. Thanks for stopping by the blog-See you in the Stores sometime!


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