Sell..Well..Anything with Advertising

Slurp N Skate                                                      I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this vid,  haven’t even skateboarded for 10 or 20 years. After you see the short commercial for DC skate shoes, a really, really well done short film comes on explaining the roots of the Broadcast Skateboard Wheels.

Part of the video shows the owner of the brand Kelly D Williams talking about his brand and how it was born in Idaho and why he decided to make the wheels and the company etc.

It’s the other half of the video that is why I’m writing about this in “Advertising in Hawaii”  I know it doesn’t have much to do with Hawaii other than there are a lot of skaters here and I live near the Makiki skate-ramp. But what I want to point out is a few things about advertising:

#1.  You Can Sell Anything with the Right Creative:  I personally don’t need skateboard wheels right now, but after watching this video it does make me feel and think that if I did start to skate again or if I need a skateboarding present for someone for Christmas, I would buy these “Broadcast” Skateboard Wheels. Why?  Because, just check out the cinematography.  Everything works, The crispness of the High Def film, the skaters look-hair, shirt, shoes, pants,  of course the skating.  But I especially like and dig the whole Vybe on the streets and artistic quality of the Vid. Especially check out the view coming from the Bus..Wow!  That section is just plain awesome!

#2 You can sell Anything with feeling and emotion:  Some of the best radio commercials give listeners a great image in their heads if the story is explained with great coloring, crisp sound effects and the right music.  This video commercial does all of that and more. Just feel how  when the music changes the whole vybe changes. it gets cheery, then pretty dark.. then he falls.  Wow! when the skater falls you can FEEL it right within your bones, or when he almost gets hit by the cars, one can feel the fright of it, at least for me, it goes right through my blood. First time I watched it I even shrieked a bit when I thought he was going to get HIT by the car!  Bringing your listener or viewer in with feeling and emotion is what you want to do using broadcast mediums.  BTW: With Social Media we are looking for Engagement.

#3 You can sell anything with Passion:  Just think Kelly D Williams who owns this company is selling wheels on a skateboard.  He isn’t selling a Sizzling mouth-watering steak or a nice pair of orange and blue NIB Retro Air Jordans.  He is selling Skateboard Wheels and he is passionate about them and his company. And you can feel it in his voice, in his delivery and in his “testimonial” about his company.  Get the right spokesperson, who’s passionate about the product, who fits the product,Who actually and really does use and enjoy the product… You’ll sell the product.

*The one thing I don’t like about the video, is it doesn’t allow people like me to put it on our blogs.  It’s not on YouTube or Vimeo, it’s on something called Permalink-which I suspect means you can’t take it and post it. The best I could do is leave the link at the top of the page. But you can just click on it and it will take you to the vid, I just don’t like the look it gives my page-I would much rather have a color picture up on there with a play button arrow ready to press. Oh Well. It’s so good, I needed to write about it with or without a cool color picture with link.

Have a nice weekend and remember if you need any ideas for your service, business or product just shoot me an email and I’ll work on it for you.  See you soon!


Author: Scott Mackenzie

Blogger, Designer, Artist.Owner: You can contact me at (808) 275-1106 anytime.

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