iPhone 5 Update

October 4th is the new date that the iPhone 5 is supposed to be talked about at a Media Event put on by Apple. I say talked about because according to most of the internet publicity, it says it will be another 1-3 weeks before it will become available. The employees at Sprint who were told that they can’t go on vacation in early October might be able to go after all..LOL.  It’s Mid to late October that they wont be able to go on Vay-Cay.

Funny thing about tracking this story down was I went to Hypebeast.com to check on new Kicks, found the iPhone article, it took me to engadget.com, which then took me to allthingsdigital.com who had the speculation article on the October 4th date.  I’m still looking for shoes,  but if you want to read more on the iPhone5 rumours here’s the link to the original source of the information. Note:  allthingsdigital.com is where the info originated, I Dont know where the info came from before that. the article was too long for me to read right now.


Author: Scott Mackenzie

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