QR Codes get Baked

QKies – sag’s mit Keksen from r3 media on Vimeo.

As you know, I love QR codes and have been having fun with them for a few months now. These guys in Germany are really having fun with them. check out the vid or visit their website to check out these brand new QR Cookies. Thanks to springwise.com for the tip!


Author: Scott Mackenzie

Blogger, Designer, Artist.Owner: Streetzblog.com You can contact me at (808) 275-1106 anytime.

2 thoughts on “QR Codes get Baked”

    1. I know pretty funny-eh! I’ve watched it 3-4 times and still cant figure out if it’s their QR Code or your own that you EAT! I love QR Codes and this one was a bit crazy.
      I’m working on some home-made QR code Necklaces right now. Might even buy one on-line. Thanks for stopping by! Happy Halloween!


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