Happy Birthday MJ

Michael Jordan and Confidence

Yesterday 2/17/21 was Michael Jordan’s Birthday. Today is a good day to watch a winners video and share the teachings. Confidence and preparedness can be used in any aspect of your life.

Today, I had an hour out of my day where I slipped up on cold/warm calling on potential advertisers. So, I took a short break to watch Michael Jordan and write down my findings. Hopefully you can use some of these in case you have a “pause” in your day.

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In the meantime, here’s what I learned from Michael Jordan. Now I am ready to continue on with my Valid Business Reasons to reach potential customers. Which will produce excellent results.

  • Your work ethic + preparation Eliminates Fear. Take time to write your VBR and give value in your warm call or email
  • You can be better than what people think. You control your own thoughts, make them positive, power-filled, happy and confident
  • You can surpass any expectations that you may have for yourself. I tend to make a goal of 15 warm calls a week. There is no reason for that number, it’s just a random number I chose. Next week I will choose 20 and maybe the next week 30. Either way I will do more of them and they will all be quality calls
  • Let your Game be your calling card. Testimonials from successful campaigns should be all over your LinkedIn account
  • Believe in yourself and your skills. You need the confidence and killer instinct to Win. I like you have successful clients. Continue to feed your brain and Social media with the marketing ideas and the results you provide
  • Don’t be afraid to try. Everyone makes mistakes. Yeah, your VBR may not be perfect, but if you don’t email it out there, you will never know
  • Limits like fears are just an illusion. Fill your mind with confidence, positivity and a winning attitude. Anything that you give power to can happen. Good or bad, might as well fill your brain with the Good.

Hope this helps you if you are having a difficult time getting motivated today. And if you ever wanted to see the Biggest list of Songs with Jordan in them. Check them out here on the Streetzblog

As Zig Ziglar says: See you at the Top. Or as Jordan says: Let’s find a way to stay on Top. Do more, a little longer, a little harder even if you’re tired.

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