Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii:

My name is:  Scott Mackenzie

Scott D. Mackenzie from Honolulu, Chicago, New York City and Bermuda!

I work in Marketing, Advertising and Promotions for Summit Media Group in Hawaii.

I work in downtown Honolulu-900 Fort Street 7th Floor Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

I have been working in radio since 1986 when I had a show called “Sounds From the Scene” on KTUH 90.3 FM/KTUH.org. I still fill in sometimes, Thus, I have the longest running New Music Show in the entire World!  In 1987 I started in commercial radio promotions and have been doing promotions, marketing, and advertising ever since.

In this blog I will offer my advice on things that I have done and learned over the last 30+ years.  I will also write about whats new, hot, happening now.

At Summit Media Group in Hawaii-Our radio stations are:  Krater 96, KCCN FM100, Hawaiian 105KINE, Power 1043,  and KKNE AM940.  You can contact me directly at scott.mackenzie@summitmediacorp.com or by calling (808 275-1106

My home email address is:  alohabros@gmail.com

I can be reached by phone at:  (808) 275-1106 or (808) 479-9928

Twitter:  @scottmackenzie3

Instagram: @Streetzpix

On Foursquare: I am Scott M and My office is:  Media Shop 808

Facebook:  Scott Mackenzie1 (In Hawaii)  Oahu, HI

Blog:  Streetzblog.com

My interests change about every three months or so.  Right now, I am interested in Computer Graphics, Website SEO, Making music on Logic Express, Designing Clothes, Acting, Movies, Music, Basketball and of course Marketing, Advertising and Promotions.

Email, Call, Twitter, or Facebook me any time 24/7 and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you come up with ideas for your business or service. I like idea generation and am good at it.

Have a Great Day or Night!  Whichever it is when you are reading this.   SM

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. The state should designate your personal office as a Historical Preservation Site. You are a gate keeper to doing business in Hawaii!


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