What’s Trending Now

TrendHunters Top 20 for 2022-As of August 2021

Watch the Video above to see what’s trending in 2022. We’re not out of the woods yet. But both Vogue and TrendHunter said the Roaring 20’s are coming soon. Maybe in Spring or Summer of 2022? Hope so, I know some thought it was June/July 2021, but that lasted about 38 days.

Sanitize, social distance, wear your mask, and get vaccinated if it works for you. History has shown that plagues have ended. We shall continue to hope & faith that we can stay safe till Covid/Corona can be seen in our rear view mirrors.

You can check out the video above, or for a quick look at the 2022 trends, here they are:


19. In Game Inclusion

18. Summer Cannabis-BBQ’s and Beaches. Sippin’ weed.

17. Car Free Retail- All inclusinve living areas

16. Generation Dating-See Gen Z & Tic Toc

15. Carbon Offset-If you’ve been watching Billions on TV, you know what this is

14. Activism Pop-Up

13. Accessible Care

12. P2P Community-Mental health via Apps

11. Low Alcohol Bar-More about getting together in community than drinking too much.

10. International Keto-Example: Vegan Kim Chee

9. Farm to Phone-Fresh produce via digital devices

8. Nature Novice-Outdoor Adventurism

7. Hyper Convenient Camping

6.Sensitization Health-Hi end brands incorporating sanitization into their products

5. Health Hub

4. Tech Fatigue-Taking breaks from the digital/social media world

3. Boomer Tech-Virtual fitness, using apps for groceries becoming the norm

2.Millennial Move

1. Gen Z Creatives

Simple Effective Tips for your Office Return

Photo by Philipp Birmes on Pexels.com

Poised to return to the office? Ready or Not, here it comes! Whether you’ve returned to the office or are getting ready to do it. Listed below are some useful & tested tips upon your return to the “real” office.

  • BRING CASH/DON’T FORGET YOUR DEBIT/CREDIT CARD: Some Bodega’s only accept cash now. While some trendy coffee curators only take cards. It’s a bit strange where I work in Downtown, Honolulu, but it’s usually one or the other not both. And you may need your cash, to split the bill if you go out to eat with friends or co-workers. Or a Card if you are treating your customers. So, Bring them both, cash and card back to the office.
  • WATER: Prepare your Hydroflask the night before with ice cubes. Or buy a bulk batch of bottled water. You are gonna’ need it at the office. You don’t want to waste $2.50 a day getting it from your cash only bodega. And wearing a mask all day makes you extra thirsty, you gotta stay ahead of the game and hydrate all day from daylight til dusk. Unlike my home refrigerator, there’s no free water where I work. *My doctor has recommended I drink 2 of the big Hydroflasks each and every day. I’m doing my best by bringing water to the office.
  • JACKET/HOODIE/SWEATER: This isn’t your home where you set the thermostat exactly where you like it. The office dictates the temperature. It can on occasion get a bit warm, but it’s mostly cold. And now, colder than before since they think that colder air brings less germs. The office is more frigid than it was pre-pandemic. Be prepared with appropriate attire. *Pro Tip: Bring it once and use as needed, then change out each month or as you would your gym bag.
  • FLEXI SCHEDULE: Returning 100% to the office can be a challenge for some. If you can, see if its ok with your boss to do a combo of in office and outta’ office or work from home (WFH). Personally, I know I can get all my work done from 9a-5:30pm at home. Many times at the work office it takes me from 8:45am-7:30pm to get the same amount of work done. The Flexi Schedule is Nice if you can procure it.
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

I’ve been back in office and Flexi-Schedule/WFH for a few weeks. It was awkward and strange at first. Then was fun to see people, catch up with folks and be in a social setting. Now, at times it seems weird and useless. The time it takes to get there and back. The abrupt interruptions. ETC. After what was it? 16 months of WFH, a lot of it just doesn’t make sense anymore. I personally like the Flexi-Schedule. A portion of work in the office, like weekly meetings and free food days make sense. And a portion of outta office to get paperwork done, do proposals, go on meetings and the occasional “safe” lunch.

The world we were in is gone. Change is Good. I vote for the Flexi-Schedule to stay way down the line. I remember some nights in 2018-19 staying till 9:00pm and thinking that was normal. In 2021, that just doesn’t make much sense. Turn the computer off at 5:30 or 6:00 and binge some shows, go exercise, or cook a nice healthy dinner. Well, Unless it’s the occasional Large Project to Earn the Big Bucks, to stay (very) late on occasion is still ok with me.

How has it been for you? What tips would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Some Do’s & a few Don’ts

Writing for Radio Tip #372


Use music and sound effects: Remember you’re painting a picture in the mind of your listener. Help them with sound effects of water dripping, thunder crashing, car horns tooting,and fans rooting.

Proofread your Script: Write, read, write and read again. Take out as many words as makes sense. It’s way better to have a shorter script then a fast paced overly wordy script.

Use a CTA/Call to Action: At the end of your script make sure you write out what the listener is supposed to do. Go to a website, visit a store for a sale, go to an event this weekend. Whatever you want the listener to do, make sure you tell them. It can be early on in the script as well. But do make sure you repeat it at the end.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Squeeze too many words into your script: When 40 seconds of script goes into a :30 script, the listener has no chance of doing what you want them to do. Even with tons of reach and frequency, if your ad is a sped up announcer blazing through too many words, your campaign will not work.

Use trend Phrases: If I ever hear We’re in this together ever again, OMG. This saying came out in May 202o early on during the pandemic and it’s still being used 8/17/21. You can convey this same sentiment with other words. Be creative. There are many other ways to tell the listeners; We’re in this together. Use them.

Use the same voice that’s on 70% of the other commercials on the station: You want to stand out. When one person is voicing all the commercials, they tend to sound alike. Use a different voice. Try a lesser known DJ or maybe a friend or family member. The production director and the equipment used in the studio will help them sound professional.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Email tips for August 2021

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

5 Tips for 2021

1. Change the Subject Line: Whether it’s business or personal email. I always change my subject line before sending an email. It’s simple, easy and one of the most effective ways to communicate better. Erase the whole subject line and replace it with a more up to date subject line. Or just erase a word or 2 and replace it with “update”. This simple step will help your communication tremendously. Who wants to see an email trail with last weeks subject line? No one. It makes zero sense when it’s so simple to change the subject line.

Take responsibility and be the person to change the subject line. Many don’t, do it and see how much easier it is to communicate with someone. Who wants to see Lunch on Friday? When lunch was last week and this week, you’re already doing the project for your customer. Changing the subject line may feel like it’s taking time out of your day. It’s not, it’s helping you and others communicate better, easier and less confused.

2. Don’t put the Content of the email in your subject line: Some people I work with ask me to do something with the first portion of the to-do info in the subject line and the 2nd part in the body of the email. I’m like you and don’t always see the subject or my email program doesn’t show it to me every time. So I reply to what is in the body of the email and not to what is in the subject line. It’s not saving you or the other person time by using the subject line with info that goes in the body of the email. It’s actually using up more of your time because it can confuse people.

3. Respond + Acknowledge each other: Even if its a quick Thank You, Got it or a more lengthy response. People need to feel that their actions and input are valued. Don’t leave them hanging. If someone helps you do something at your work. Acknowledge it with a response. It can be two words or two sentences. But it needs to be something. They went through the effort to help you. You can make the effort to acknowledge it.

4. Start with their Name/End with something Nice: Even if you’re in a hurry. Start your email by saying Hello with the persons first name. “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie. It’s the polite and right thing to do. Not saying Hi or mentioning someone by name at the beginning of an email, tends to give you a rushed/moving to quickly vibe. Even if you’re in a hurry, take time to acknowledge the recipient by their name. And end your email with something nice. Like Have a nice evening, Enjoy the rest of your day/week. Whatever makes sense. End your email with something positive, nice or both. And change it up. It won’t carry the same meaning or Umph! if you use the same ending every time.

5. Proof it before sending: Re-read your email before sending. Check for flow, spelling and grammar. Some of the newer spell check programs can tend to add words you didn’t need and automatically change spelling on words that don’t need changing. And if you’re forwarding an email, make sure you erase sensitive information. Unless it’s needed, I tend to erase all superfluous info to keep things clean and to the point.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Happy Birthday MJ

Michael Jordan and Confidence

Yesterday 2/17/21 was Michael Jordan’s Birthday. Today is a good day to watch a winners video and share the teachings. Confidence and preparedness can be used in any aspect of your life.

Today, I had an hour out of my day where I slipped up on cold/warm calling on potential advertisers. So, I took a short break to watch Michael Jordan and write down my findings. Hopefully you can use some of these in case you have a “pause” in your day.

If you are in need of any marketing ideas or want to reach a bigger audience via Digital, Streaming or On the air radio exposure, feel welcome to call or email me anytime: (808) 275-1106 or scott.mackenzie@summitmediacorp.com

In the meantime, here’s what I learned from Michael Jordan. Now I am ready to continue on with my Valid Business Reasons to reach potential customers. Which will produce excellent results.

  • Your work ethic + preparation Eliminates Fear. Take time to write your VBR and give value in your warm call or email
  • You can be better than what people think. You control your own thoughts, make them positive, power-filled, happy and confident
  • You can surpass any expectations that you may have for yourself. I tend to make a goal of 15 warm calls a week. There is no reason for that number, it’s just a random number I chose. Next week I will choose 20 and maybe the next week 30. Either way I will do more of them and they will all be quality calls
  • Let your Game be your calling card. Testimonials from successful campaigns should be all over your LinkedIn account
  • Believe in yourself and your skills. You need the confidence and killer instinct to Win. I like you have successful clients. Continue to feed your brain and Social media with the marketing ideas and the results you provide
  • Don’t be afraid to try. Everyone makes mistakes. Yeah, your VBR may not be perfect, but if you don’t email it out there, you will never know
  • Limits like fears are just an illusion. Fill your mind with confidence, positivity and a winning attitude. Anything that you give power to can happen. Good or bad, might as well fill your brain with the Good.

Hope this helps you if you are having a difficult time getting motivated today. And if you ever wanted to see the Biggest list of Songs with Jordan in them. Check them out here on the Streetzblog

As Zig Ziglar says: See you at the Top. Or as Jordan says: Let’s find a way to stay on Top. Do more, a little longer, a little harder even if you’re tired.

Sludge Today, Re Birth Tomorrow or maybe Next Year?

Thought this blog post matched both my Blogs well for this time in history. Written on 10/20/20


Photo by Man Dy on Pexels.com

Heaven or Hell…You can Choose

I saw this saying on a shirt in a street stall in Camden, England. It was a #realfake Ed Hardy look alike. And was a bit small for me, but I liked the design and saying so much, I bought it. Never was able to fit into it, but the slogan was a good reminder on how you can train your mind for a good Moment, Day or even year.

Everyday, you have this choice, to have a good day or a bad day. Kelly Clarkson ends her show with: Have a Good Day! And if it’s not, then Change it!

The Blur between Awake and Asleep is where the Magic Happens

Benjamin Hardy PHD, says something along the lines of the blur between your sleep and your awake state is when the best ideas occur. He encourages us…

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It’s not Just July

Trippin’ into July like…whoa!

Here’s this week’s summation of the World as of July 15, 2020 from the World of Advertising in Hawaii:

  • Open for Business:  Let people know that you are open for business. Whether it’s in a radio ad, digital ad, TV commercial, billboard or even a big sign on your door.  When I walked the neighborhood last week, it was hard tell who was open or closed. Even when I walked right up to the doors, still hard to tell, due to less people inside, dimmer lighting, buzzer systems etc.  Maybe, cover a window with a big sign  WE ARE OPEN and if there’s enough room, mention the hours you are open. It’s pretty confusing figuring out who is open and closed nowadays.
  • Hopeful:  Feed your mind with positive messaging. Watch YouTube shows of Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, Sky St John, Bishop Jakes, Richard Levy, Teal Swan, Justin Epstein, Les Brown,  Abraham Hicks, David Goggins, Alan Watts. Those are just some examples. Find someone on YouTube that you can resonate with and listen to them in the morning and as you go to sleep. Right down positive affirmations and repeat them often throughout the day.  I am Hopeful, I am Helpful, I am 100% Healthy, I am Prosperous, I am Safe, I am Alive Awake Enthusiastic. Again, use some of these or make up your own, but use them all day everyday.  Especially if you watch the news everyday.  It’s important to balance out what you see and hear in the news, on Facebook even on IG sometimes. In my opinion IG should be sacred ground for positivity and happiness. Or if FB is getting to negative and strange, find a new social network to join. Or make your own social media for others of like mind to join.  Now is the time to be creative, confident and to do things you never thought possible.
  • Helpful:  This can take so many forms. I personally could use help shopping. When I go to the grocery store every synapse in my body tweaks. It’s like a rush of a nasty storm floods my body. I could use some help shopping.  If you see someone having trouble in a store, help them. Show them where things are, help them carry things to their car or even just a quick eye smile. In your adverting be helpful, let them know you are open, that you have special accommodations set up, maybe some tips on how to buy on line.  If you want to help the 55+ crowd, help them with your on-line buying structure. In your ads or on the phone on how to do some things that come naturally to the 12-30 year olds. Especially tips on how to use your phone for E-Commerce. For some reason not every mobile check out is the same. Some are pretty hard to navigate. Completely different idea: A super easy, helpful thing to do is to bring your neighbors some home cooked meals or that new gluten free cookie dough bread you made last night. Not everyone is equipped to continue to make all these meals everyday. Or get some take out or delivery and share it with the building manager, door person, people across the street, your favorite store merchant.
  • Stay Healthy:  Eat veggies, blend a drink, eat some fruits. Exercise, get some safe-sun. Take an Airborne chewable. Down a multi vitamin each morning. Get some Elderberry chewables. Drink some echinacea tea.  Continue to do whatever you were doing back in March. Get it all out again in July.  Or continue your good healthy plans.  Me, I thought back in March that July was gonna’ be the month. But it’s not.  Somethings have opened back up, some have closed for good.  It’s a bit far from a “New Normal”.  Hopefully in October we will see some change, maybe some new pills before the election. Thinking someone might have some sort of handy helpful pill or drink to take in October.  Next month to look forward to is January 2021, when the vaccine is here. Hopefully.

Today’s blog not all positive, but full of hope, help and a big punch of the “New Reality” not the new normal … yet. And I’d say wear a mask if you can.  Even if you read some negative FB stories, if it helps it helps, if it doesn’t at least you tried. Some are actually pretty fun and can be quite matchy-matchy with your kicks and clothes.

Retail Tips from RAB

Here’s some fun, helpful tips from the Radio Adverting Bureau.  Just make sure you wash your leggings before using them as a mask..LOL

Retail Tips from RAB jpeg
Image preview

May the 14th be with You

What the World looks like Today (Thursday May 14, 2020)

With all the blurred days blending into a very unfamiliar brain-zone, Feels like we are living in William Gibson’s newest book Agency. Where the space time continuum and the Tomorrow’s Today is Yesterday theme fits right in to my world right now. I cant quite time travel backwards or forwards like the book. But I can observe and think future forward.

The last post was already a month ago, which feels like a month ago or 8-10 days ago, once again the blurring of days into other days can throw me off a bit.  At that time, the main themes were the rising of TikTok, Zoom and Opportunity.

From Observance, reading, talking to people and intuition. Lets see where May 14th 2020 takes us:

Nostalgia:  People want to feel safe. By going back in time and visiting things they loved when the world was “Normal” helps them cope.  Some examples:  People watching movies from their teens and 20’s. The Buying and selling of Star Wars, 70’s and 80’s Sitcom and Pokemon merchandise is hot now.  Tie-Dye has been IN and will continue as a big fashion trend, think of the freedom vibe in the 70’s, there was war, but there were also hippies and lots of Tie Dye which is a safe, fun vibe. And the TD masks that will be created will be stellar. Of course one of a kind, which is still a very HOT trend, not going anywhere.

And Michael Jordan’s the Last Dance brings back the 1990’s to a TON of the sports and entertainment starved population of the world.  Stock X, who sells sneakers like stocks, had their site crash during one of The Last Dance episodes. And Jordan sneaker prices continue to climb.  Jordan’s Rookie card was selling for 7K about 5 years ago, Sold for 12K the week of May 4, 2020.

I didn’t even catch on that I was already doing the Nostalgia trend on Fridays I was watching a different Old school Basketball movie each week. The reason at the time, it was making me feel, well.. warm, comfortable and SAFE.  I watched He Got Game, Above the Rim, even Rebound helped me cope. Nostalgia and things that we liked when we were young will continue to bring relief and a feeling of safety,  a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon.

How can you take advantage of it?  Use some key entertainers from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in your advertising.  Do some Trivia games on your social media that cater to any of these years.  Bring Back the Drive-In movie or take it further and do a drive In RAVE or Drive up Virtual Concert.  Churches can use a low frequency FM stations and broadcast the sermon to the cars in the parking lot. There is so much we can do  Me, I’m gonna try and sell some Beanie Babies!

RS Masks AIH.com May 2020 #Trend

Aloha Shirts:  Yet another revival of a revival.  Wowza! This ties into the Nostalgia theme, yet goes a bit further. After the daily press conference in Hawaii, the game show:  Who’s Line is it anyway? comes on my TV. So, I end up watching a bit of the 2019-2020 season and both Drew Carey and Ryan Stiles have been wearing Aloha shirts.  They look slightly out of place since they are the corporate versions. I’d rather see them in some vintage looks. Adam Sandler has a new movie coming out soon The Wrong Missy, they are wearing the corporate, vintage and loud shirts in it.  And watch for the 70’s Trucker Hat in the trailer/movie on Netflix. That might or might not take off.

BTW-Pro Tip:  Tori Richard has been GIVING away free masks daily. If you go to their website. A pop up appears 1-2x a day. Sign up with your info and they send you 4 free masks. With a nice print on the outside and another pretty cool print on the inside. Plus you receive a $25 Coupon and free delivery on your next purchase.  Not sure how long this will last, check their site out and see.  There are also masks for sale, but look for the pop-up that appears mysteriously almost daily.

High Quality-Low Priced Clothing:  There’s going to be more clothes available than people to buy and wear them.  Look to Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, and Ross first. They will have inventory from Spring they should have sold 2 months ago. Even though, many have been selling on line, the things that have been delivered to the stores have been sitting for 2 months.  There are gonna be some MASSIVE DEALS on high quality clothing. Look to Nordstorm, Saks and Bloomingdale’s next.  However, a lot may just sit and turn into material for masks since unemployment is so high.

Pro Tip:  I don’t know how true this is, saw it on Footlocker New Zealand. But they say they will be releasing some HEAT from a few weeks ago. That means you may be able to score some retro Jordan’s at COST! Just need to time your store visit correctly and wear a mask.

Click and Mortar:  70% of customers use the internet before making a purchase, researching, pricing, comparing or buying. There’s stores in New York that use their store as an advertising venue more than a place to buy things. The RealReal is a good example of this. Order on line pick up in store. Stores using wi-fi and Geo tracking to give you deals while in store or when you get home. The click and mortar is basically a blend of the on line and on site experience. This is supposed to be what’s happening now or near future.  But because of all that’s happened, AMAZON just may be the only CLICKS store you need. I’m a shopper, thus I like to wander stores and browse, touch, feel, try things on. Yet, after all that’s happened, I doubt even I will be doing that in the near future.  Could be in another 10, maybe even 5 years. There won’t be much more Mortar to go to.  I am hoping that is not the case, Yet AMAZON has pretty much everything and It tends to be cheaper. One Company will rule the world.  AMAZON or Alibaba or maybe some underdog from Russia.  My main bet would be on AMAZON. They already own more than you think:  IMBD, Twitch, Whole Foods Audible, Zappos, Shopbop and a few more!

Specialized One of a Kind Boutique’s may be best equipped to be Click and Mortar. And stay in business both on-line and in a physical store.

Physical Retail stores were having trouble before all of this (Barney’s-RIP)  Now, who knows what may become of a traditional on-site store. At this very moment, I’m thinking a lot more CLICKS than mortars.

Look Good Inside:  All of this Zooming and sitting around the house will help the accouterments, lighting and beauty brands.  People want to look good in their zoom meeting. Look for special skin preparations, light specifically made for Zoom meetings and possibly home improvements.  But you can easily change your room to a stylish apartment on the upper East Side by using your iPhone to screen shot a great apartment background.  I don’t even bother with a made for Zoom Virtual Background. I just find pix in my camera or take a simple screen shot from the internet and interchange them dependent upon which meeting I am in.  And I’d buy something to get rid of some wrinkles on screen or even a stand for my phone so my head doesn’t look so big.  Hey, how bout a green screen, so that your real background doesn’t seep through the virtual background. I bet we see home style Green Screens for sale very, very soon.

Anyone ready for a DIY haircut done by a Robot. Perfect, Precision, Cut and Color to your liking in the comfort of your own home.  But, you’ll miss out on some juicy gossip.  Who knows maybe the 2nd gen version will come with gossip audio? Could happen! Actually will happen..who knows, maybe it already exists!

Ok, that should do it for May 14, 2020.  I know I forgot something, but as you and I know, too much writing usually doesn’t get read.  People want instant gratification and instant knowledge.  Next blog, promise, we will do 5 easy to read headlines with 2 sentence in each.

I leave you with this video for today. It’s keeping with the stay positive vibe, but you may need to do a bit of home work.  Hope it helps you navigate Tomorrow’s Today is  Yesterday.


Tomorrow’s Today is Yesterday

The World as We Know it No Longer Exists

people lights firework new year s eve
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Or the World as we knew it, no longer exists. Either way we say it. It’s true. Some days, I’ll post an uplifting video usually on marketing or advertising and other days, I’ll write. Today we have a bit of both.

Due to the ever changing world as of today (4/12/20), the way we did things and the way we do them now, are accelerating at an unprecedented speed.  Some of you may have already have been there, for others, it’s like what just happened to my World?!?!

Some examples:


  • ZOOM:  Three weeks ago, zoom was how fast Lebron could get from one end of the Court to the other. Now it’s how we have weekly Sales Meetings, Virtual Cocktails, Dance parties, Yoga Sessions and Family Gatherings like Birthdays, Graduation and even EASTER!
  • WE ARE HERE FOR YOU:  Next time you watch TV, see how many commercials say these exact words.  They are good words and needed at this time. But how did close to 75% decide on these exact 5 words?  I don’t know the answer and ponder it nightly. However,  The actual point here is, look how quickly the TV commercials changed.  Years ago it would have been 7-10 days to tweak the messaging. The turnaround on some of these ads were 3 days! Did the ad agency’s have them pre-packaged and ready. Or was it that you and I can edit a commercial on our own laptop and don’t even need to do a big production session. It was probably a combo of both.  Yet, both lead us back to accelerated speed of efficiency.  Speed of things has been accelerated tremendously. FASTER ZOOMING
  • CONTACTLESS DELIVERY:  This moved so quick, spell check doesn’t even recognize the word.  Papa John’s does a really nice job of explaining it in their commercials. Kudos go to to them for the simplicity and effectiveness of the message. And once again, how quickly they got it on TV. ZOOMIER ZOOMING
  • AI:  Artificial Intelligence is something that is fun to think about “coming soon”. But it is here now.  With AI, Google can figure out what type of ad to serve you in less than 1.2 seconds. You may not need to know how AI works and the codes that go into it. But if you’re not aware of it and think its on it’s way, its here and is most likely going to break through the Covid-19 months, with outrageous popularity. Read about it, hire someone to help your company use it. Whatever you do, don’t think its on the way, it may be doing your job in 3 years. Think about that!   OUTSTANDING ZOOM
  • SOCIAL MEDIA:  Negative: Lots of people passing around information that is FAKE more than ever. Positive in advertising:  Within 8 days of quarantine,  ALL of these companies showed up on my FB and IG feed:  Purity Products, Nu Image Medical, Vital Proteins, Lifetones, Nanoceutical Solutions, AnaHealth, And Ace Nutritian.  Other than Purity, I never heard of any of them before. And they all were quick to react to sell me and you Immunity products. They have the products to fill our needs NOW.   SPEEDY Immunity to the rescue!  TikTok:  These are :15 second videos, I don’t know the stats exactly, but can tell for sure that they have had the biggest growth in March/April 2020.  Probably because of the quickness of the video, just :15 seconds and :15 seconds is just enough time to have your granpa dance to some Quavo. (Hopefully he isn’t drinking Quavo at the same time.Haha)   I predict now that TikTok will be the big winner when we come out of this. However be careful, some say your information on Tik Tok goes to some sketchy places.  TIK TOK’S FIFTEEN SECONDS TO ZOOM
  • INNOVATION/OR ACTIVE VERSION INNOVATE!:  This last thing isn’t something I’ve seen or heard lately. It’s just become embedded in my brain in March and April 2020. I don’t know the facts surrounding it or where it’s coming from. Like when Wayne Dyer writes a book, he says the words just appear on the page as the day goes by. Well this word is appearing in my brain all day and even at night.  It’s telling me and you something and I bet when it happens it will be FAST.  ZOOM IS THE NORM   Happy Zoom meetings to you and yours.  Scott


Today’s uplifting video is from Jeremy Gutsche of Trendhunter. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing. A few key points include:

Path Dependency.  Crisis. Chaos. Recharting.

Chaos Creates Opportunities. Chaos Changes the Rules.  Chaos Switches Who is in the Lead. 

Solve a new Consumer Need. You can Thrive when others Retreat. Be irresistible with a specific group of people.

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