December is National … Month

A Year’s Worth of Food in One Month! National Egg Nog Month National Fruitcake Month National Pear Month National Tie Month Safe Toys and Gifts Month Write A Business Plan Month 1 – Eat A Red Apple Day 2 – National Fritters Day 3 – National Peppermint Latte Day 3 – Make A Gift Day […]

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Great News on Radio-June 2017

  Nielsen: Radio Power.  Friday June 23, 2017 According to the just-released Nielsen “State of the Media Audio Today 2017” report, radio reaches more Americans than any other platform. That includes TV, mobile and PCs. As well, in March 2017, radio reached 125.4 million weekly consumers 18-49, up some 750,000 from the year previous. “Radio […]

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Funny but it Works!

The Radio Ad that Does the Dialing for Ya’ Unless you have a vanity phone number, we who work in radio usually tell our clients not to use their phone number, mostly because it’s hard to remember and hard to write down in a car.  We like to end our commercials with a web site […]

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Key Communication Channel

Know where your customers communicate As the world rapidly moves quicker and quicker, it’s imperative that we know where the best and fastest place is to find our clients & customers. Do they Text? Email? Phone?  Use an App? Figure out what they use and use it. Doesn’t make sense calling someone, when they don’t […]

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iPad 3 Hype Begins

Today I’m going to be completely lazy and  just copy and paste a blog posting from  Alec Banks of – who got the information from Techcrunch.  I’m doing it because we had so much fun tracking the newest iPhone, I dont want you to miss out on the early hype on the new iPad 3.  […]

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QR Code Cuts

QR Code Hair Cuts QR Codes have to be the most fun thing I like to write about this year.  We started off on how easy they are to make, then how to capture them, then many an article on various ways marketers are getting them out to the public.  This Has to be one of […]

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Happy Veterans Day

Happy veterans Day-Yummy Breakfast Food-Bi Bim Bop! I had breakfast this morning with my good friend Gene from Non Stop Travel.  I always have the same Sizzling Steak. But today, since it was breakfast and a special Holiday, I ordered this delicious Food.  It also comes sizzling and all you do is mix it up and the […]

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