Smart Phone Shopping in Korea

  • I was just talking to someone last week that was in Asia and he said he saw businessmen buying beer with their smartphones before getting on the train! I had heard that the Japanese had been purchasing their train tickets for a while now with smart phones, but Beer!   And now,  just today released this picture and short article about purchasing beverages with smartphones in Korea.  The other  interesting thing here is on-line sales also increased.  Looks kind of fun, but I would miss the funny faces the cashiers make when I ask them:”Hey those fish things are gone! (they!?!) So I said: Where are the fun fish things with the reddish sweet bean paste in them that are usually in the frozen section”  Yep, I really did ask them that about two weeks ago at 7-Eleven on Piikoi.  It’s my favorite food to eat when I work too late. I couldn’t find them that night and neither could the clerk..Go figure! But I sure wouldn’t find them at a store without a cashier.  Me, I personally like shopping and seeing cashier, sales people etc.  Although, this would be a good idea for the downtown Longs Store. That place always has a line and that is one time that I am in a HURRY! So, It could be a good thing for certain places, but PLEASE dont do this at the shoes or clothes stores!!!!
  • What do you think of the new stores?  Fun? Fast? Lame? the future? or not? LMK

Home plus, the Korean branch of Tesco, recently launched a series of virtual stores on subway platforms, enabling customers to make purchases using their smartphones while they wait for a train. During the campaign, Home plus online sales increased by 130%, with over 10,000 customers trying the stores.   


No Cashiers here! just click and go!



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