What’s Hot for Men Going to Prom!

Whatcha’ Going to Wear to Prom?


With the Second Chance Prom less than 8 days away, I figured it would be a good time to check in with Christopher Wright Director of Store Operations at Celebrity Tuxedos and See What’s HOT for men!

Quick-Look Interview with Christopher Wright from Celebrity Tuxedos in HI

Since the Second Chance Prom is approaching us quickly, my first question I wanted to find out was-When is the latest a customer can order a tux and have it ready to wear on Saturday October 1st, 2011? The Answer sure surprised me, perfect for the last-minute ticket buying public..

A.  They can visit any of our locations by Friday September 30th …Yes!  the day before, and be able to pick up their tuxedos the following afternoon before they head over to the prom.  Now, we certainly suggest trying to visit us before that.  It is best to try to come in at least a week prior. But we can accommodate you the day before the “Big Event”.

I’m a big Trend spotting fiend, so the next question I asked Christopher was:  What are the trends right now for dressing up for the Prom?

A.  Sharp Contrasting Colors, Black Shirts with Colorful vests. White Tuxedos are always popular for prom.  Pin Stripes and shadow stripes. Skinny Ties and Narrow Lapels.

Next up, I asked:  What is the best color to wear?  having not been to a prom in a pretty long time..LOL

A.  You want to coordinate with your date.  In terms of Tuxedos, black and white are always in style but we have noticed light grey and charcoal grey getting really popular as well.

Knowing that the TV show Mad Men has spawned some new trends in menswear-see Banana Republic for an example-I next checked:  What is the best way one would acquire the “Mad Men” TV show Look for Prom?

A.  We do carry the more “fitted” designer tuxedos and suits so that would be the first thing to consider when trying to get the “Mad Men” look.  They also tend to wear cummerbunds and bow-ties when they wear tuxedos buy you could also go with a vest and a skinny tie as well.

And I know we touched on trends earlier, but I still wanted to know more and  asked:  What are some of the interesting trends coming in 2012 that you could mention today?

A.  We see a trend in wearing something different from the traditional black or white tuxedo. We carry light grey, Charcoal, grey and even a chocolate-brown tuxedo. Also, as I mentioned earlier..Narrow or skinny lapels with skinny ties.

There you have it, if you don’t know what to wear to the Second Chance prom or your first prom, these are some great tips given to you by Christopher Wright from Celebrity Tuxedos here on the Island of Oahu.  If you want tips on Shoes, you can always visit my other blog at streetzblog.com And if it was me dressing up: I would wear a one button Black Tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and a midnight Blue skinny Emporio Armani Tie with of course the cool black pants with the black on black stripe down the side. And my choice of shoes would be my Limited Edition Black Patent Jordan 20’s. They totally hurt my feet, but are so worth it and look the best with a dark-colored tux.  If my feet hurt too much, I’d change into my black patent Jumps from the Jump store in Soho in NYC. The store they buzz you into and its also the store that doesn’t have much on-line to buy, but actually going there is really, really fun. its like a luxurious Spa inside, well that’s at least what I would compare the store to..whether you go traditional, “Man Men”, or a  Combo of many of the options, make sure like Christopher said You want to “match your date”  I totally would have forgotten that part.  If you want to get a hold of me this week, best is by phone at 808 275 -1000 or just hit me back on the comments section. Have fun!

*Celebrity Tuxedos is located in Sears Stores at Ala Moana Center, Pearlridge and Windward Mall.



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