“Thanks for your professional and creative assistance with our radio campaign.  We are happy with the spots and the response.  It has accomplished our goals of increased brand awareness.  So, great job!!”  Bob Teague-Marketing Director of WavecomSolutions.com

“One of the many highlights of working with Scott Mackenzie is his diverse experience in promotions.  As a Promotions and Marketing Director, Now Local Sales Manager, he clearly understood the goals of Za New York, a cosmetic brand from the world-renown Japanese Cosmetic Company, Shiseido.

The launching of Za New York in Hawaii, encompassed limited budgeting and huge goals. It required an individual who understood the vision of the partnership.

Scott’s invaluable expertise in branding, flexibility and willingness to ensure our efforts succeeded was evident. The creative on air-radio promotions along with community activities was an essential component to our success. Our combined efforts resulted in many individuals ranging from teens to fifty’s using Za New York cosmetics and becoming loyal customers”.  Marilyn Cariaga, Former Marketing Director of Shiseido/Now President of ARK Marketing. August 3, 2011

“I have worked with Scott on numerous projects over the past 15 years. He always has a good attitude and never makes you feel like any request is too big to handle. He always over delivers for all of the events that I have worked with him. He is a true professional and a great person as well.” Ed Nishioka. President of Nishioka and Associates Media Company, LLC. July 3, 2008


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